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Speed Test – the connection speed test

Do you have the Internet at home or at the office? Does it bother you when you have to wait for a website to open? Cannot download a favourite movie or music? Find out whether your ISP provides sufficient quality of service consistent with the agreement. Now you also have the possibility of running a Speed Test (Spanish: Test De Velocidad) with a variety of commercial servers around the world. You can also put our speed test on your website FOR FREE and increase the number of views, share your results with your friends, check the test statistics and download a file containing your speed test results. Each SPEED TEST includes a brief summary of your Internet connection parameters. We also recommend VOIP TEST as the best tool for Internet telephony testing.

How to properly perform a Speed Test?

Before running the test, remember to close all applications that may slow down your Internet connection. The test allows you to measure the speed of downloading and uploading data, as well as the delay in the transmission of packets (Ping). The test results are shown in megabits per second (Mbps).